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Age range: 5+

Description: Learning another language can be difficult but learning with 1-1 support makes it so much easier. I offer Spanish lessons to a range of students that are customized to suit their needs and challenge them along the way. Whether your child is trying to boost their grade, studying for upcoming GCSE/IB exams or simply wants to learn, I would love to help! I offer classes for adults too!

I have been studying Spanish for the past 9 years. I received an A in GCSE Spanish and a 6 in IB (International Baccalaureate). After taking a cultural immersion year in Seville, Spain, my fluency in the language greatly improved and I began teaching students Spanish both remotely and in-person.


Age range: 7+

Description: Does your child like video games? Can’t get them away from a screen? Why not teach them how to build their own games? From mazes to 2-player games, the only limit to coding is your imagination. My Scratch coding tutoring sessions teach students how to problem solve, be creative and think outside the box.

I offer 1-1 sessions and group sessions, there’s something for everyone!


Age range: Middle school and GCSE students

Description: Biology is one of my favorite subjects. There are many fun ways to learn it and many experiments to try. My experience with Biology is not limited to the classroom. Due to my curiosity and love for the subject, I have completed my own genetics study that garnered 400+ participants and both support and media coverage throughout Bermuda. The support of both my Mom and my mentor has inspired me to give back by tutoring other people on this subject.

I have received an A in my Biology GCSE and only teach students up until this level.

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